Lucky Draws for April Fools’ Day

Once Upon a Time…

April Fools’ Day is widely popular and celebrated across the globe. However, a lot of people may still not know where this unusual day came from? Well, Wild Joker Casino did some research and here’s what we found about April Fools’ Day.

Historians believe that April Fools’ Day started in 1582 when the French calendar was changed from Julian to Gregorian. This change meant that the new year now started on the 1st of January, contrary to its previous date which was 1st of April. Now, people who were slow to adapt to this change of new year celebration became the butt of jokes and were called “April Fools” or as they were called in French – “Poisson D’Avril” which signifies a young, naive and easily caught fish.

April Fools’ Day has also been linked to the festival held in Ancient Egypt – Hilaria whereby people would dress up and mock fellow citizens in the city. This specific day is also associated with the vernal equinox which is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. However, it was only in the 18th Century that April Fools’ Day became popular and started to be celebrated worldwide.

Modern Day Pranks

Nowadays, people go to great lengths to have the perfect April Fools’ Day hoax or prank. Even the media takes part in this unusual celebration by reporting outrageous news on this particular day. Google also usually pranks people such as making them believe they can telepathically search queries or play Pac Man on Google Map. Above all, we all take part in this celebration of jokes and do try to find ways to trick our friends and family.

And it would not be April Fools’ Day without the person saying out loud “April Fools” to the person or people they are playing the joke upon. And we here at Wild Joker Casino are born tricksters and have been planning to play many tricks on our players but we decided to do something different and much better…

April Fools Lucky Draws

On this very special day, Wild Joker Casino is hosting April Fools’ Lucky Draws every hour of the day…which means you have 24 chances to win amazing prizes, rewards and gifts. Some of the special gifts that you can win include exclusive free spins on our top online pokies, free money to try any of our best online casino games, big deposit bonuses, home entertainment systems and much more.

All you have to do to ensure your name is in the April Fools’ lucky draw is make a deposit on that day and play our numerous casino games such as online slot machines, table games or video poker. This is definitely a different type of casino promotion but Wild Joker Casino wanted to celebrate April Fools’ Day differently and come up with one of the best online casino promotions in Australia and New Zealand.

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