New Slot Release: Pulsar Video Slot

Wild Joker Online Casino is proud to welcome our first new online pokie of 2020 – Pulsar Video Slot. Inspired by famous science-fiction blockbusters, Pulsar Video Slot is a unique online slot machine that offers thrilling action and promises some big wins. As you can guess from its title, you’ll be travelling in space in this new slot game and take advantage of its cascading wins and other bonuses that can be triggered when spinning the reels.

New Slot Setup

Pulsar Video Slot is a 5-reel setup which takes the form of a honeycomb and contains 20 active paylines. The main and probably most winning feature on this new online pokie is its unique cascading wins and the numerous exploding Neutron Stars.

With a mind-blowing intergalactic world as its background, Pulsar Video Slot has the power to take online casino players into a world where infinite wins can be unlocked. Space through the milky way and see the wonders of the galaxy in this new RTG slot machine like never before!

Pokie Features

Pulsar Video Slot does not bring with it the most common online slot machine features such as wilds, scatters and free spins. But it does compensate by offering a different layout which has 2-3-3-3-2 symbols on the 5 reels. With this innovative design, RTG aims to simplify the wins and playthrough rate of online casino players to maximise their chances of winning some real money.

The cascading wins is a bonus feature that you will love to play with as it adds to your wins and replaces various symbols to create additional combos. You might not get wilds, scatters or free spins while spinning the reels of Pulsar Video Slot but you can always win some Neutron Stars. These stars explode in a certain direction, whenever they appear in a random location.

Red Neutron Stars have an explosion in X-shaped direction while Pink Neutron Stars explode both horizontally and vertically. Blue Neutron Stars go downwards while Green Neutron Stars go off from left to right.

New Slot Offers

And you can expect some amazing bonuses and big offers from Wild Joker Online Casino when the new slot machine is released on January 29, 2020. Wild Joker Online Casino will bring forth some big combos and free spins so that you can try the new slot game and increase your wins with each spin.

So login to when the game is live and mix up the already amazing features of Pulsar Video Slot along with the free spins and no deposit bonuses that Wild Joker Online Casino will bring to you.

Welcome Bonus

Is this your first time at Wild Joker Online Casino? Welcome! And you are right on time for the release of our new pokie, Pulsar Video Slot. Create your account and get this big welcome offer that will help you on your way to unlocking some wins on our new online slot game:

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Don’t miss out on the chance to be the first online casino players to try the new RTG slot game and be ready when Pulsar Video Slot debuts this Wednesday!

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